Reading Police & Fire Log December 5-6, 2022

Reading, MA – Excerpts from the Reading Police and Fire Log:

Monday, December 5, 2022

  • 2:27am – Crossing Guard Unable to Make Post on Sunset Rock Lane.
  • 2:45am – Report of Leaf Bags in the Road on Arthur B. Lord Drive.
  • 6:51am – Verbal Warning Issued for a Red Light Violation on Lowell Street.
  • 8:50am – Heather Road Resident Reports Identity Theft.
  • 10:53am – Order for Vehicle Repossession on Washington Street Received Via Fax.
  • 12:14pm – Investigation of a Two Vehicle Crash on County Road. No Injuries Reported.
  • 12:53pm – Complaint Regarding Rude Employees at Domino’s Pizza on Main Street Business.
  • 1:05pm – Traffic Enforcement on Middlesex Avenue.
  • 2:24pm – West Street Resident Reports Possible Fraud.
  • 2:35pm – Report of a Suspicious Person Taking Picture Outside a Main Street Building.
  • 2:45pm – Traffic Enforcement on Lowell Street.
  • 2:48pm – Report of a Possible Vehicle Fire on Edgemont Avenue.
  • 3:20pm – Oven Fire at a Milepost Road Residence.
  • 3:43pm – Barbara Lane Resident Reports a Fraudulent Student Loan Account.
  • 3:58pm – Verbal Warning Issued for an Unregistered Vehicle on Green Street.
  • 5:15pm – Lift Assist for a Johanna Road Resident.
  • 11:24pm – Lift Assist for an Elderberry Lane Resident.

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

  • 8:13am – Investigation of a Two Vehicle Crash on Arcadia Avenue. Unknown Injuries on the Scene.
  • 8:49am – Traffic Enforcement on Eastway Lane.
  • 10:35am – Traffic Enforcement on Barrows Road.
  • 10:51am – License Plate Returned to Police Station.
  • 11:18am – Report of a Loose Dog Running in the Street on Lowell Street.
  • 11:51am – Complaint Regarding a Person Moving a DPW Cone on Main Street.
  • 12:09pm – Traffic Enforcement on West Street.
  • 1:27pm – Verbal Warning Issued for Speed on Birch Meadow Drive.
  • 2:44pm – Fire Hydrant Out of Order on Marla Lane.
  • 3:15pm – Investigation of a Two Vehicle Crash on Walkers Brook Drive.
  • 3:52pm – Report of a Past Vehicle Crash on Main Street.
  • 4:11pm – Disabled Vehicle on Main Street.
  • 5:03pm – Lost Phone Tracked to a John Street Residence.
  • 5:23pm – Commercial Alarm at a Salem Street Business.
  • 6:57pm – Traffic Enforcement on Lowell Street.
  • 7:32pm – Traffic Enforcement on Harnden Street.
  • 8:23pm – Call from a Washington Street Residence Requesting Police Before Hanging Up.
  • 10:15pm – Disabled Vehicle on Haverhill Street.
  • 10:59pm – Traffic Enforcement on Bancroft Avenue.
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