Learn about Digital Privacy and Reproductive Rights in this Virtual Webinar on October 24

Reading, MA — If you are concerned about your digital privacy with respect to reproductive choices, join our virtual webinar on October 24 at 7:00pm. Claire Lobdell from Greenfield Community College will cover the ways that our digital lives—including app use, social media, purchases, GPS data and more—expose information about our reproductive choices. Participants will learn how to map out their own personal risk profile and will leave with strategies to protect themselves from having their personal information weaponized against them, as well as protect the safety and choices of those around them.

Claire Lobdell is the distance education librarian and archivist at Greenfield Community College and she specializes in digital privacy, privacy education, and privacy software/tools.

This program is generously sponsored by The Friends of the Reading Public Library and is co-hosted with Pollard Memorial Library in Lowell and Groton Public Library.

Privacy & Reproductive Rights: What You Need to Know | Monday, October 24 @ 7:00pm. Register: https://libcal.readingpl.org/event/9545233

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