Town Manager Maltez Runs Boston Marathon

Reading, MA — On Monday, April 18, 2022, Reading Town Manager Fidel Maltez participated in the Boston Marathon. “I’m incredibly proud to have completed the 162 Boston Marathon. It was an amazing day for a run, with perfect weather and encouraging crowds. I would like to thank our residents and staff, who provided supportive words ahead of the run. I look forward to running again in the future!” Maltez said. Maltez completed the marathon with a time of 5:03:28

Reading RunnersTime
29309 Kevin Bednarzyk4:33:36
26164 Christine Cerretani5:51:46
25371 Katelynn Conlon5:26:20
28120 Keith Cruickshank4:00:25
25769 Bridget Donovan4:44:32
25559 Erin Engelson4:34:27
25850 Robert Hackett3:57:14
27468 Adam Halley3:51:34
26748 David Parziale4:00:21
25788 Kathleen Pinette6:15:50
26106 Jamie Santos3:51:25
27193 John Simpson4:58:18
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