Mark Dockser Seeks Re-Election to Select Board

Dear Fellow Reading Community Members,

Happy New Year!

It has been an honor for me to serve on the Select Board in Reading for the past three years. I have a very strong commitment to this community and believe that I have been able to make a positive difference with strong support from the community.

I will be up for re-election in April of this year, and I would appreciate and enjoy the opportunity to serve the community for another term.  

Over the last three years, as Chair of the board for one year and Secretary for the other two, I believe that I have provided strong, consistent leadership for Reading. Even with the challenges of Covid, we have been able to keep residents safe and secure, continue the operations of the town, and lead a variety of efforts for the benefit of the residents, visitors, and businesses in town. 

Reading is in a good place. Our finances are solid, and we have a strong town and school staff that has worked very hard to support our community. Last week, we hired a new town manager who has strong support in town and will very capably lead us forward from here.  

We have made good progress on our priorities by: supporting our schools, understanding the needs of seniors for services and better facilities, expanding community resources like the Birch Meadow development project and the town forest, standing up for equity and social justice, advancing energy savings and sustainability efforts, and many more.  

But we still have lots to do, and it is this challenge that has me ready to serve again.  

It would be my pleasure and honor to continue my work on the Select Board for another term. I would appreciate your support and your vote on April 5, 2022.  

Please go to my website: for more information on my positions, how to reach out to me with questions/comments/concerns, and how you can help support my re-election.

Thank you again Reading.

Be well,

Mark Dockser
Beaver Road

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