The Orbit: One-Month Check-In With Mr. Tracey

The following article is from the RMHS school newspaper “The Orbit”

Sara Hass (’22), Orbit Contributor

Following his first month of school, new RMHS principal Kevin Tracey reflected on his experience so far at the school as being positive and exciting. 

After former RMHS Principal Mrs. Boynton left for another principalship following the COVID-ridden 2021 school year, Reading Public schools was looking to hire a new principal to lead RMHS. Previously serving as principal of the John Glenn Middle School in Bedford, MA, assistant principal at Bedford High School for six years and a social studies teacher at North Andover High school, Mr. Kevin Tracey stepped up to the plate. Principal Tracey was announced as principal at the school committee meeting over zoom in April 2021.

Principal Tracey can be seen around the school, stopping by classrooms to watch lessons, and in the cafeteria watching over the various lunches at times. He described his experience so far, saying, “I’ve absolutely loved it. I’m very grateful for this position and so far my interactions with everyone has been really positive.  I really appreciate everyone’s support.” He noted that he likes the different parts of the high school that middle schools don’t have, and being a former high school teacher he is “excited to be back”.  As Mr. Tracey gets to know the school more he notes that some things have happened that were “unexpected” but overall it has been a very positive first month.  [Read More]

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