LTE: Memorial Day

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Every Veteran interred in Readings four cemeteries deserves to be honored 0n Memorial Day.

On the morning of May 6, a small group 12/15 armed with maps provided by the town’s GIS coordinat0r place marker/ flag holders on veteran graves. In the course of doing so, they found veterans that had a government maker, but their names were not on the list.

Armed with that information, using several sources, I was able to add 15/20 names to the list.

In Forest Glen, because two veterans did not have a headstone or a government maker, their graves were not marked. Again using several sources, I was able to find a relative of one, and a plaque will be placed on his grave. I am still trying to find a relative for a Richard B. Surrett that one of a large family that lived on Temple St.

If you have a loved one relative veteran that did not have a marker, flag, and a flower placed on their grave, please contact me at 781 944 2807 or by e-mail at WCB4536@comcast.comand. I will do my best to see that they are on the list next year.

The flowers placed on the veterans’ graves ARE NOT PAID FOR BY THE TOWN; they are paid for from a Trust Fund; your donation to the Veterans Memorial Fund % 16 Lowell St Reading will help ensure that the tradition will continue.

William C. Brown
28 Martin Rd
781 944 2807

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