LTE: Select Board Interference

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In football, an interference call results in a 15-yard penalty. As the result of interference by the Reading Select Board on 35 Middlesex Ave, it resulted in a$ 110,000. ( $ 10,000 Town and $100,000 by the insurance company) penalty and opened the door for anyone that wants to open a “sober “house. Had the Select Board taken the advice at the informational hearing of Town Counsel that stated that the in all possibility the Town could not stop it may have not cost the penalty.

Yet the Select Board instead chose to interfere. Yet again, the board’s interference on the water tower project that will cause a delay could cost the WATER RATE payers$ 500,000 more on already high rates. The tank is 68 years old and hopefully will not spring a leak (any little Duch boys).

As you may recall, the Select Board, although the project at Lincoln and Prescot was under BY THE CHARTER and STATE LAW, the jurisdiction of the ZBA had to interfere.

Again, as in football, certain penalties can get you thrown out of the game. Was this the case in the recent election when an incumbent was thorn out for interference?

Leaders such as the Select Board sometimes MUST make unpopular decisions such as saying NO because WE have no jurisdiction over the issue or suffer the consequents.

William C. Brown
28 Martin Road
781 944 2807

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