Reading Police & Fire Log September 17-20, 2020

Reading, MA — Below are highlights from the Reading Police & Fire Log

Thursday, September 17, 2020

  • 8:23am – Report of Large Brown Dog in Area of Van Norden Road.
  • 9:09am – Assistance Rendered to Gould Street Resident Complaint Regarding Caregiver Refusing to Give Information to a Family Member.
  • 10:23am – Smoke Alarm at High Street Business.
  • 1:27pm – Green Meadow Drive Resident Reports Fraudulent Unemployment Claim.
  • 2:36pm – Report of Loose Dog Biting Hopkins Street Resident.
  • 2:38pm – Main Street Resident Reports False Unemployment Claim.
  • 4:04pm – Franklin Street Resident Finds Small Dog.
  • 4:22pm – Officer Standing by to Ensure Visitor to Main Street Living Center is Not Unruly.
  • 4:27pm – Officer Attempts to Serve Summons to Main Street Resident.
  • 4:33pm – General Way Business Complains of Suspicious Person Outside Store Refusing to Leave.
  • 5:13pm – Alarm at Coolidge Middle School.
  • 9:07pm – Wakefield FD Reports Odor of Gas in Camp Curtis Guild Area.

Arrest Log

  • Arrest of Salem, MA Resident for Assault & Battery on Intimate Partner.
  • Arrest of Augustus Court Resident for Assault & Battery on Intimate Partner.

Friday, September 18, 2020

  • 12:01am – Lincoln Street Resident Complains of Neighbor Being Too Loud.
  • 6:24am – Wallet of Reading Resident Found and Located by Amesbury PD.
  • 7:40am – Follow-up Visit at Pleasant Street Residence.
  • 9:57am – Vehicle Crash Investigated on Main Street, FD on Scene.
  • 10:15am – Augustus Court Resident Reports Amazon Package Taken from Mail Room and Thrown Over Fence.
  • 10:27am – Wire Down Across Road on Tarpin Terrace.
  • 11:39am – Investigation of Minor Two-Vehicle Crash on Haverhill Street Rotary.
  • 11:41am – Report of Tree Branch Falling into Intersection on Blueberry Lane.
  • 12:27pm – Pearl Street Resident Reports Being Followed by Suspicious Vehicle.
  • 3:20pm – Motor Vehicle Lockout at Main Street Business.
  • 4:13pm – Report of Two Persons Dumping Dressers on Sidewalk on Main Street.
  • 7:22pm – Middlesex Avenue Resident Reports Yard Damaged by Vehicle.
  • 8:52pm – Report of Three Youths Walking Down Winter Street, One with Air Rifle.
  • 10:28pm – Report of Hydrant Open and Water Running Down Birch Meadow Drive.
  • 11:03pm – Lincoln Street Resident Reports Dispute with Neighbor over Volume and Privacy.
  • 11:33pm – Lilah Lane Resident Requests Walkthrough after Coming Home and Finding Back Door Open.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

  • 5:01am – Commercial Alarm at Harnden Street Business.
  • 6:33am – Charles Street Resident Complaint Regarding Neighbor Playing Music Overnight.
  • 8:28am – Report of Wire Down on Audubon Road.
  • 9:24am – Complaint of Ongoing Issue with Outside Exercise Class Using Loud Music.
  • 9:44am – Archstone Circle Resident Reports Receiving Gruesome Photos Via Text from Unknown Numbers.
  • 10:29am – Assistance Rendered to Maple Ridge Road Seeking Advice.
  • 11:02am – Van Norden Road Resident Reports Fraudulent Unemployment Claim.
  • 11:25am – Summit Road Apartment Complains of Pod Delivered for Wakefield Resident.
  • 11:57am – General Way Business Reports Receiving Harassing Text Messages.
  • 12:15pm – Franklin Street Resident Reports Possible Contractor Fraud.
  • 12:32pm – Resident into Lobby Reports Being Stalked.
  • 12:37pm – Elderberry Road Resident Reports Opening of Fraudulent Credit Card.
  • 1:00pm – Report of Erratic Vehicle Operation on Haven Street.
  • 1:29pm – Disabled Vehicle on Chapin Avenue.
  • 1:41pm – Report of Kitchen Fire on Virginia Road.
  • 2:43pm – Suspicious Person Asked Fairview Avenue Resident if a Ride was Wanted.
  • 3:14pm – Report of Suspicious Person Yelling at Postman on John Street.
  • 3:30pm – Traffic Enforcement at Main Street and Hopkins Street.
  • 5:30pm – Traffic Enforcement on Willow Street.
  • 6:08pm – Ash Street Resident Reports Loud Music in Area.
  • 7:05pm – Pinevale Avenue Resident Complains of Vehicles Parked at Conservation Entrance after Sundown.
  • 9:55pm – Informed of Hydrant Flushing Throughout Evening on Oakland Road.
  • 10:18pm – Commercial Alarm at Main Street Business.
  • 11:49pm – Commercial Burglary Alarm at Main Street Business.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

  • 4:44am – Fire Alarm Activation on Clover Circle.
  • 10:52am – Small Child’s Hand Stuck in Door at High Street Residence.
  • 10:54am – Lift Assist for Grey Coach Lane Resident.
  • 11:43am – Green Street Resident Reports Stolen Package.
  • 1:07pm – Apple iPad Found on South Street Sidewalk.
  • 1:10pm – Report of Loose Dog Running Through Yards on Sanborn Street.
  • 2:54pm – General Way Business Reports Two Shoplifters in Custody.
  • 7:19pm – Report of Elderly Person Walking Down Street Appearing Confused.
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