Letter: Dear Reading Residents, There is Hate in Our Town

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I’ve struggled with whether or not to share this because I don’t want people to think I’m looking for sympathy. I’m simply looking to spread awareness that this is STILL HAPPENING in 2020.

Friday, September 3rd I was a victim of a hate crime. 

Growing up a lesbian woman, this is not my first rodeo. I’ve been bullied, shunned, left out, and defeated. It’s made me stronger and who I am today. Friday night, my incredible girlfriend and I were walking our dog on our usual route in our innocent residential town of Reading, Ma.

The dog pooped, my girl bent to bag it (cuz we’re good dog moms) and we hear from around the corner a persistent “what are you doing?” Several times before I finally responded, “are you talking to us?” The response lead to a conversation where I found myself arguing with an older gentleman on his porch who was questioning our position on “his block” we continued to defend ourselves by defining our position of a simple walk to which he eventually responded “[f**king] lesbians!”

I, slightly in shock that this is all going on respond with “what did you just say?” And approached the home where the man now left his porch and met me on the sidewalk. He continued to spew hate inches away from my face.

He then sucker-punched me in my mouth. Yes, you read that right.
A GROWN MIDDLE-AGED MAN. HIT A YOUNGER WOMAN. IN THE FACE. Because of my sexual orientation. 

My girlfriend screamed. “Help! Help! Call 911!” (She didn’t have her phone) Not one person in that neighborhood came out of their house. Even after the 7 cruisers were outside their doors with their lights shining through their windows.

The situation is under investigation. I will say he was not arrested which blows my mind. 

Again. I am only sharing this to spread awareness. THIS IS NOT OK.



A fellow Reading resident.

Editors Note: This letter was signed when submitted – publishing of the name was withheld at the request

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