Letter: Recall Issues are Fake

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Letter to the Editor, Reading Post —

In the Reading Post recently, we’re seeing multiple LTEs supporting the recall of Select Board member Vanessa Alvarado (and also multiple LTEs opposing the recall). There are only two issues cited in favor of the recall, both wrapping themselves in high-minded concepts involving “violation of the Town Charter:” (i) “Police Chief” issue (Charter §5.2b); (ii) “Ad Hoc Committee” issue (Charter §4.14). (Let’s ignore all the low-minded grandstanding and puerile name-calling, such as “bullying.”)

But, both those recall “issues” are out-and-out FAKE. They’re false pseudo-issues, not real issues at all.

First, the Police Chief “issue” relies solely on a minor snippet of the Charter, falsely cherry-picked out of context. It ignores the much more major clause of the Charter, which specifies the terms of its own interpretation, and therefore overrides the snippet, making this pseudo-issue moot.

And second, the Ad Hoc Committee “issue” literally doesn’t even exist, in any sense whatsoever. No Recall Petition has ever been submitted, anywhere, regarding the Ad Hoc Committee (on Human Rights). It’s a petty smokescreen, invented by people opposed to addressing the acknowledged human rights problems we’ve seen in Reading in recent years.

The supporters of the recall posture themselves as “guardians of truth” regarding the Town Charter. Yet, they offer only surreptitious partial-truths, presenting only impassioned generalized hand-waving, suppressing any logical consistent reasoning. That’s not how human truth works; it’s only how human emotionalism works, which is not a valid basis for governing societies. Truth, and government, requires rational persuasion/proof, not irrational hysteria/demagoguery.

The proponents of the recall refuse to address the fakery (dissimulation, deception, deceit) exposed in the paragraphs above. Because they cannot, and they know it.

Walt Tuvell

Main Street

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