RMHS Senior Autumn Hendrickson Reflects on School Closing for Covid-19 – Report from The RMHS Newspaper “The Orbit”

Commentary: Teachers Rally, Seniors Struggle

A Senior Reflects on the COVID-19 Closing

Autumn Hendrickson (’20)
March 27, 2020

On Friday, March 13, 2020, in the early afternoon, all members of the Reading Public School community knew what was probably going to happen. Schools would be closing, that much was almost guaranteed. At the time, the possibility of not walking at graduation, of not seeing my teachers in person again, of not having a prom, of not having a senior week, of my Winter Chorus Concert having been my last, of not being able to do my senior internship had never crossed my mind. We were just going to be out ‘til around March 27. I could survive that. Then it was April, and now it is May. And finally, it hit me like a train a few days ago. [continue reading on The Orbit]

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