Letter: RMHS Senior Class President Endorses Carla Nazzaro

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As I prepare to graduate from RMHS, it is important to me that this community and school system are left in the right hands. Mrs Nazzaro will ensure that the wellbeing of our students is the utmost priority, thereby I implore you to vote for Mrs Nazzaro for School Committee on March 3rd.

First and foremost, it is crucial that any elected representative for this town demonstrates high integrity as a means of setting a positive tone for the community and being trustworthy and responsible leaders. I have had the distinct pleasure of being mentored by Mrs Nazzaro as our Girl Scout troop leader for 6 years, and can attest to her outstanding character. Mrs Nazzaro is the complete package: warm, caring, and approachable and by far one of the most diligent, reliable, and responsible people I have ever met. She is persistence and dedication personified; no stone is left unturned and there is no problem she’s afraid to solve. Through the coordination of yearly town wide events hosted by our troop, Mrs Nazzaro’s methodical and meticulous planning has proven her to be a master organizer who gracefully handles the pressures that accompany leadership. This is no surprise, of course, given the fact that she has extensive experience in project management. Furthermore, her eagerness to hear the ideas of students in troop activities exhibits her belief that students are capable and important, and reflects that she is open minded and willing to listen. I know that Mrs Nazzaro will bring her organizational and leadership skills to the School Committee to ensure that thorough, careful decisions are made to benefit all with full transparency.

Mrs Nazzaro has served as a positive role model to our troop on how to effectively lead, and over the years has consistently sought to empower students by actively helping in the Reading school system. Mrs Nazzaro has 4 children who have gone to Reading public schools, and unlike any other candidate, has had children at all three levels. Mrs Nazzaro is therefore knowledgeable of the intricacies of all the schools, and can bring that valuable experience to the school committee. Mrs Nazzaro’s daughter Julianna and I are both seniors, so I have witnessed Mrs Nazzaro’s vast contributions to the school system since elementary school. Whenever there was any sort of school event or activity, Mrs Nazzaro was undoubtedly there. At Joshua Eaton and Parker, Mrs Nazzaro volunteered as a PTO member. In middle school, Mrs Nazzaro helped her eldest daughter in Project Bassoon, raising over $6000 so that the middle school band could purchase a bassoon and additional instruments. In high school, Mrs Nazzaro revamped and ran the All-Night Party for the Class of 2018 and helped organize 3 progressive dinners which collectively raised $37,000. To show her gratitude to teachers and faculty, she annually prepares food and serves it on Staff Appreciation Day. This is only a handful of Mrs Nazzaro’s contributions to the Reading school system, and displays her unwavering commitment to the schools and lending of her leadership skills to benefit the community.

I am proud to know such an outstanding person and qualified candidate for the school committee. Mrs Nazzaro will listen and lead effectively and positively for the benefit of all students, considering the perspectives of administration, teachers, parents, and students in the decision making process. Mrs Nazzaro’s track record speaks for itself. Please vote for Mrs Nazzaro on March 3rd for School Committee.

Maura Drummey
RMHS Senior Class President
School Committee Student Representative

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