Letter: Electing Megan Fidler-Carey to the School Committee

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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I am writing to share my support for electing Megan Fidler-Carey to the School Committee. Megan and I are both board members for the Reading Education Foundation (REF), which is where we met 2 years ago.

Megan reached out to REF about joining the board. As we often recruit board members from our own networks, that fact alone makes Megan different. She wanted to be involved and has brought a wealth of experience to the board, both professional – as an educator with experience working in three districts: Medford, Revere, Boston – and a community volunteer, serving as Town Meeting Member, Town Cultural Commission Associate, and board member for Reading Embraces Diversity. She has a deep understanding of the current reality of our public school system, what’s working and what’s flawed, and what it will take to take to address those flaws and challenges in our current, highly polarized, environment.

Megan if one of the fairest people I’ve met. She is a good, caring listener, having spent many adult years learning about and overcoming her own unconscious biases in order to better understand and appreciate the different experiences and perspectives of others. She is a true collaborator, willing to seek out and include many points of view to discover where there is a connection, shared needs and interests, and opportunities for concerted action to address those shared interests. She takes a systems-level approach to problem-solving that recognizes the need to pause and learn from marginalized and underrepresented voices to flesh out a more inclusive understanding of the impacts of the system. I am excited that she has decided to run for School Committee and add her impressive skill set to helping Reading students have a more successful, healthy and expansive learning experience.

Please join me in voting for Megan on March 3rd!

Respectfully yours,

Deborah Gilburg
Oak Street

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