Letter: Erin Gaffen for School Committee

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To the editor:

To the residents of the Town of Reading: It is my honor to share this endorsement of Erin Gaffen, a candidate for the Reading School Committee. It has been a pleasure to know and observe Erin over the last five years in many capacities. I met Erin when I was an incoming member of the Women’s League of Reading and she was the current acting President of this organization. In the time she served as President, the Women’s League had their most prosperous years, raising over twenty five thousand dollars that was distributed back to this community to fund schools, families and community groups in the town.

Erin left our organization to take on a role in the “Yes for Reading” campaign. She was instrumental in educating our town on this override and her persistence and dedication led to one of the highest voter turnouts in our history. She did this because she loves our town and our schools, and she did it with respect and grace that was necessary to get the override passed.

These are a few reasons why Erin would be a good fit, but there are many more. Campaigning for such an effort in this town takes respect, commitment and courage, all of which Erin Gaffen has. Reading is a town full of educated people who expect excellent schools and we look to our school committee members to push this agenda. The job of a school committee member is challenging to say the least. Erin’s commitment to do best for our town will help her to make the difficult choices for our schools, all the while educating those around her as to why she came to these decisions. 

I would say that the best quality of Erin’s leadership style is her respect for others. She truly listens to those around her before giving feedback.  She loves her family, her children and the children of this town. She somehow wears the hat of a full-time mom while giving countless hours to the community. She is hardworking, intelligent and has the dedication needed to succeed in this position. 

I am proud to call Erin a friend and peer who I endorse fully for the upcoming election on March 3rd.

Julie Silbovitz
Milton Road, Reading MA
President, Women’s League of Reading
Co-President, Barrows Elementary PTO

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