RPS Science Expo at Reading Public Library

Fiona Rogers

The Reading Memorial High School First Robotics Competition (FRC) Team 4761, “The Robockets,” and co-sponsors Reading Public Schools, Reading Education Foundation (REF), and Reading Public Library, via a parent and student volunteer team, hosted Reading’s Fourth Annual Science Expo on Saturday, November 23, 2019, from 2:30-4:00 pm, at the Reading Public Library.

Miles Lynch

Twenty-two Reading students, in grades K-8, including a group of Cub Scout Tigers,  presented displays on various STEM topics, including:

  • How geckos can climb on smooth surfaces
  • Liquid nitrogen experiment
  • Science of Sailing
  • From Brine to Beverage: Solar-Powered Salt Removal
  • Human Body
  • Periodic Table
  • Solar System/Planets
  • Rate of Coin oxidation
  • Butterfly Life Cycle
  • M&M Challenge
  • How Salty Does the Sea Have to Be for an Egg to Float?
  • Magnetic Levitation
  • Dinosaurs
  • The Moon’s Craters
  • Sound Waves

In addition, members of the RMHS Robockets Robotics Team and of the Coolidge Science Olympiad Team, were on hand to provide demonstrations, robot exhibitions, and hands-on science experiments for kids in grades K-8.

Ryan Ho

The Science Expo is a free, fun, non-competitive event to get children to experience the joys and wonder of scientific discovery. In addition to student exhibits, the Science Expo will feature hands-on science experiments Students of all grades and library visitors of all ages were invited to participate in the experiments, observe the demonstrations, and take a look at the science displays, posters, and exhibits Reading students have submitted.  All children in grades K-8 who live in Reading, whether attending public or private school or homeschooled, were encouraged to join us to be an exhibitor or provide a poster. Grades three through eight are invited to create a display, exhibit, or demonstration, related to any STEM area of interest.

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