Local Authors Donate $1,500 to Reading 375

As part of the recent celebration of Reading 375, local authors Ginny and Everett Blodgett released a new book, Images of America: Reading. The book, which took over a year to compile and write, is published by Arcadia Publishing Company. Using over 200 photographs of historic items as a jumping-off point, Images of America: Reading highlights interesting people and events in our town’s history.

The authors have been thrilled with the response to their book. Approximately one hundred local history fans, friends, and neighbors joined them at their book launch party on May 13. They’ve sold about 600 copies of the book since then, to both old friends who have been passionate about local history for decades, and new residents who are just now becoming inspired to learn more about our town’s history. According to Mrs. Blodgett, “It is great to learn about U.S. or world history, but sometimes we forget that Reading has its own fascinating history – 375 years of it! So spend some time learning about your Town – the History Room at the library and a visit to Parker Tavern are great places to start. And of course, Images of America: Reading has some unique stories, too.”

Now that the book is “in the black”, the authors are able to begin to fulfill their promise that profits from the sale of the book would benefit Reading 375, the Antiquarian Society (Parker Tavern), and conservation of some of Reading’s historical artifacts. They recently donated $1,500 to the Reading 375 Committee. Mr. Blodgett explains, “We just completed a wonderful 375th anniversary celebration of Reading. So many folks enjoyed a wide array of activities. We want to make sure that the bills are paid. And if they are, Reading 375 has agreed to donate any extra from our donation to the Reading Celebration Trust, which was set up with profits from Reading’s 350th celebration in 1994. Those funds are used to support future celebrations.”

Philip Rushworth, Chair of the Reading 375 Committee, was thrilled with the generous donation. “Reading 375 was a huge success because of the hard work and dedication of countless volunteers, like Ginny and Everett Blodgett. Images of America: Reading is a gift to the town, and we are so grateful for this generous donation so that Reading residents will be well prepared to celebrate our next big milestone.”

Don’t miss out – copies of Images of America: Reading are still available by emailing the authors at evblodgett@comcast.net. The cost is $21.99. Remember, all money from sales will be donated to help preserve Reading’s history and celebrate its future!

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