Carlo Bacci Reflects on Recent Election

In reflection of my recent run for Select Board, I’d like to take this moment and thank my wife Erin Calvo-Bacci and our daughters Abigail, Sarah, and Sofia for your love and support. Thank you to my treasurer Heather Marino. Thank you, Dan Ensminger and John and Diana Halsey and John Arena for your dedication, hard work, support, and council. 

I am wealthy in my friends and family who also volunteered on this campaign. Thank you to the community of Reading for your support, I look forward to joining my fellow Town Meeting members. During my campaign I heard the complaints of my neighbors about how much this town has changed, so to my fellow community members, I challenge you to be the change.

We have so many opportunities in this community for people to lean in and make a difference. As a husband, father and employer I can’t be successful on my own and neither can our elected officials and Town Administrators. I ran for Select Board because I was frustrated with the direction the town is moving in; if we all want what is best for Reading then we need to work together for the mutual benefit of all who live in this community.

I thank my fellow candidates Barry Berman, Mark Dockser, Peter Kramer and Anne Landry for your willingness to run. It’s not easy to run for public office, however, it was rewarding. I met so many people and listened to their concerns regarding National Politics affecting our local communities because of residents who wish to advance their political agendas and vote out those who don’t tow the party line.

The newly elected Select Board members have promised a bipartisan approach and to work with their fellow members for the benefit of all. Thank you, Anne, for organizing a unity breakfast for all the candidates, I look forward to continuing to be involved and support our elected officials as they continue to work together for the benefit of all our residents.

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