Letter: Barry Berman Has Earned My Vote

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By now, you’ve read several endorsements to re-elect Barry Berman to the Select Board. These Endorsements come from people with differing ideas on the best course of action for our community, but the one consistent and unquestionable position we all have is that Barry Berman has earned the privilege to continue representing ALL of us.

I served with Barry for two years on the Board of Selectmen, and during that time I came to have a great deal of respect for him as a colleague. It wasn’t because we always saw eye-to-eye on matters, just the contrary, it was because we could have civil disagreements on a variety of topics. Those disagreements would always lead to better discussions and thus a better result for the residents of our great Town.

There’s a very good reason I decided to be a Co-Chair on Barry Berman’s campaign team. He’s earned it!

As someone who has done the job, I can tell you that most of the work of a Select Board member does, does not occur on Tuesday nights. You have to build consensus and coalitions between people who may not agree. I have seen Barry in action, and he is good at it. We have hard choices ahead of us and I trust him to bring us together.

Like you, I worry about the future of our town, and about how we can blend the needs of ever-increasing budgets while protecting residents who cannot afford to continue to pay for operational overrides time and time again. I think it’s safe to say that when it comes to overrides, NO ONE wants to need them! That’s why it’s important to continue to elect leaders who will work towards growing our town’s revenues in every area possible. Barry Berman has been doing this work for the past four years on the Select Board and previously on the Finance Committee.

Barry possesses the drive and leadership needed to grow our town’s revenue. It’s time to come together as One Reading and elect leaders who have the best interest of ALL residents in mind. On April 2nd you have two votes for the Select Board this year. You can vote for experience and a fresh new perspective. Barry Berman has earned my vote as the candidate with experience and I humbly ask you to join me with re-electing him.


Kevin M. Sexton
Emerson Street

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