Letter: Mark Dockser Provides Valuable Leadership to Reading

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Two seats are open for the Reading Select Board. One of my votes is going to Mark Dockser. 

Through his years of service to the Town of Reading, Mark has proven that he has the leadership, thoroughness, and thoughtfulness to be an important addition to the Board. I have personally interacted with Mark over the last few years and truly appreciate the way he addresses issues and problems. He listens with respect and whether or not he agrees with you, he brings new insight to any issue—he clearly analyzes and then proposes and implements solutions. That is exactly what we want for Reading—a person who can address the challenges we face now and in the future.

The other aspect which I find important is that he brings to Reading the same strengths that he has demonstrated as a successful entrepreneur and teacher—the capability to look at issues/challenges and then come up with innovative solutions. I believe that this inherent capability is critical for Reading. We need economic development, but how do you do this without being disruptive to the residents of Reading—Mark has the experience and mindset to handle these types of issues.

Finally, Mark’s clarity of purpose, compassion, and respect for all citizens, young and old, is why I urge a vote for Mark Dockser for the Select Board. VOTE on Tuesday, April 2nd.

George Kachen, Ph.D.
Colburn Road
Town Meeting Member, Precinct 8
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