Election 2019: Patricia Calley School Committee Candidate

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Dear Reading Friends and Neighbors,

My name is Patricia Calley, and I am running for election to the School Committee.

Although my husband Mark and I have enjoyed living in this town for 22 years, I must admit that I have had little involvement in local politics. So initially, when someone suggested that I run for School Committee, I was surprised. However, the more I thought about it, I believed that this is THE setting where I have skills and insight to offer. 

For the past 34 years, I have been a Speech-Language Pathologist, spending a few years in medical settings, but working primarily in public school systems. My career has taken me through four states, and five different school districts. Every system has presented its own unique strengths and challenges. However, in each one, I have met so many amazing students, good, dedicated teachers, and parents who want the best education possible for their kids. I have watched theories, approaches, and programs in “best practices” change over the years.

As an SLP, I am especially familiar with the variety of issues and approaches that exist within the area of Special Education. I have a strong working knowledge of educational and clinical assessments, as well as the Individualized Educational Plan development process. As an IEP team member, I am accustomed to bringing my technical expertise to the table, while at the same time listening to and considering the insights and opinions of all team members.

So why am I running for a seat on the School Committee? As someone who collects and uses individual students’ data to inform my work with students, I understand the importance of data. However, I also understand the limits of data in providing a complete picture of a child, or a classroom, or a school. A firm believer in science, I believe equally in the “art” of teaching. I hope to bring my experience with both to the committee, as we work together to meet the challenges of sustaining high-quality education in the Reading Public Schools.

I would appreciate your vote on April 2nd.

Patricia Calley

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