RMHS High Five – Rebecca Souza Carmo, Class of 2019

Rebecca Souza Carmo, Class of 2019

Rebecca is an engaged and respectful student who exudes a positive energy that lifts up those around her. In fact, the whole school enjoys the positive energy she brings to our daily morning announcements, as she, along with her fellow announcers Ryan and Emma gives us important information for the day, and a message of encouragement or motivation. Rebecca is friendly and kind, and she sees the best in everyone. This is one reason that the Guidance Department has been known to contact Rebecca when a new student is enrolling and we need a mature, composed student to provide a tour of the building and an introduction to RMHS. Rebecca’s positive spirit extends to the classroom, wherein our most recent marking period she distinguished herself by earning no grade lower than A-. She says her favorite class right now is Honors Story Writing with Ms. Crosby. This class matches well with her serious interest in songwriting. Songwriting, and music, in general, is a passion that Rebecca pursues in school with Mr. Mulligan’s Music Theory class, and outside of school in many ways. Her involvement in City Music Boston had her complete a five-week summer program at Berklee College of Music, where she took classes like “Theory and Performance,” and “Ear Training” with expert teachers. Further, after an audition at Berklee, she won a fully-funded trip to Nashville, Tennessee in November, to take a three-day master class with students from around the world. She currently continues her involvement with Berklee, which she attends several afternoons a week to perform with various ensembles. A first-generation American, Rebecca speaks English, Portuguese, and Spanish and she will be the first in her family to graduate high school and the first to attend college. She plans to do so in the fall with the intent of studying some aspect of music or the music business.

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