RMHS High Five – Isabel Molettieri, Class of 2019

Isabel Molettieri, Class of 2019

Isabel is a student who has made the most of her time at RMHS. Her mature approach to her work as an artist and a student has led her to impressive levels of achievement in our performance spaces and classrooms. If you’ve gone to any of the RMHS Drama Club’s productions over the last four years, you’ve likely seen Isabel bringing a character to life. Most recently, she played the role of Tanya in Mamma Mia, where her singing, dancing, and overall chemistry with her castmates made for a hilarious and fun fall musical. Isabel has also recently earned a spot in the All-Eastern Honors Women’s Choir. This puts her in exclusive company, as the rigorous selection process for this choir will have Isabel performing with the very best high school singers from across twelve states when they take the stage this April in Pittsburgh. As far as her classes go, Isabel’s current favorite is her English class Story Writing. Her teacher, Ms. Crosby says, “Isabel is not only adept at becoming a character on stage. She is equally impressive when it comes to creating personas on the page. Her most recent piece of short fiction for her Story Writing elective showed both growth and promise. The plot was creative; the setting was clever, and the characters were dynamic and believable. She is a hard worker and a talented artist both on and off stage.”

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