ZBA Mulls Eaton/Lakeview Engineering Report

Matthew Brassard of Nitsch Engineering presented the engineering peer review report of the proposed Eaton/Lakeview 40B project to the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) at the board’s October 24 meeting. Brassard reported that the plans presented by the developer showed “general compliance with standard engineering practices.” He then expanded on a few areas highlighted in the report.

Brassard noted the lack of loading spaces in the plan, where four would typically be required by town bylaw. This situation would require a waiver from the board if the condition were to persist. Also noted was a deficiency of ten parking spaces in the design, based on zoning requirements. Brassard also stated that site grading looks appropriate, recommending that additional sidewalk connections be made. He also questioned whether there is sufficient fire hydrant coverage for the site.

Brassard noted that there is no pump station or emergency storage for the sewer service indicated on the current plans. He also recommended emergency power for the sewer service. Plans are not shown for the placement of an electric power transformer. Design standards for stormwater management have been met, though there was continued discussion of the effectiveness of rain gardens and other environmentally friendly stormwater management ideas.

Chris Sparages, the project engineer, gave the applicant response, indicating that all issues brought up in the peer review could be easily dealt with. He indicated that a detailed loading and unloading plan will be provided to the board that he believes will assuage any concerns about the issue. He also suggested that details like pumping stations were typically completed later in the process, but could be completed now. The developer is working with Fire Chief Greg Burns concerning the placement of hydrants.

ZBA member Robert Redfern asked several questions of the developer including concerns regarding operational issues such as snow removal and spring clean-up, and the lack of a signage plan. Chair John Jarema also expressed concern regarding the number of parking spaces and the lack of loading zones. Neighborhood resident Boriana Milenova shared that the number of spaces had been negotiated to allow for more green space in the project. In a final comment, ZBA member Damase Caouette stated, “I see nothing that is a serious contentious issue that we need to deal with.”

The public hearing regarding the Eaton/Lakeview project was continued to December 12 in a location to be determined. The ZBA adjourned at 9:05 pm.

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