CPDC Approves Subdivision off Grove Street

The Community Planning and Development Commission (CPDC) voted 5-0 to approve a definitive subdivision at 40 Grove Street at its October 1 meeting. The one house subdivision, known as Nichols Estates, will be located behind the historic 1820’s farmhouse currently located at the site. Attorney Josh Latham, representing the developer, requested several waivers, including one that would have required that a road with sidewalks be constructed to the rear lot on the property. Latham presented what he referred to as a “lower impact design” with a shared driveway, instead of a road, that would maintain most of the trees on the property and allow for a significantly less impervious surface. The curb cut would be moved and an existing garage would be razed.

Abutters expressed concerns regarding traffic, visibility, and sight lines along Grove Street. They also questioned the request for waiving an environmental impact study and a lack of screening trees between the new driveway and their property. Latham responded that most of the concerns were addressed by the homeowners association agreement that will be completed between the current home and new home. The CPDC approval came with the conditions that the lot shape be refined, that a screening plan is worked out with the abutter, and that the sight line issue is dealt with via landscaping.

Meadowbrook Golf Club returned for a site plan review of their proposal to raze the current clubhouse and place it with a new facility. The club’s reason for the project is to “provide a state of the art building” for its members. The purpose for this part of the hearing was to determine if the new facility would provide essentially the same function as the one to be replaced. Abutters have raised concerns about increased traffic on an already busy street especially if the improved clubhouse attracted more and larger events to the club.

Discussion also ensued regarding the difference between building occupancy and the number of seats available in the new facility. A change the town government made in computer software in 2014 caused an error confusing the two on the current clubhouse permits. The club stated that most events at the club have between 50 and 140 people and that it would not place more than 200 seats throughout the new building. CPDC member John Weston stated, “You have displayed that you are in the same envelope with future use.” The public hearing about the new club is continued to November 5 at 7:45 pm.

The continued hearing for a minor amendment to the Planned Unit Development special permit for Johnson Woods was continued to November 5 at 7:30 pm. CPDC adjourned at 10:30 pm.

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