CPDC Reviews 40R District Design Guidelines

The Community Planning and Development Commission (CPDC) reviewed submitted member comments regarding the proposed 40R Downtown Smart Growth District Design Guidelines at its September 17 meeting. This was the first opportunity for the CPDC as a whole to review the comments on the document which was originally drafted by Community Development Director Julie Mercier. The draft of the guidelines was also submitted to the Historical Commission and Historical Commission member Jonathan Barnes submitted comments to the CPDC.

The guidelines, by stating principles of design in the district, should aid potential developers of properties in the 40R district by offering developers the types of design elements that CPDC is looking for prior to application to the commission. A developer who follows the guidelines should also receive quicker CPDC approval for their proposal. The desire is that future developments will be “harmonious with existing properties.” suggested CPDC member David Tuttle. Chair Nick Safina stated that new developments that abut residential districts should be scaled and designed to “preserve the neighborhood character.” Discussion on the proposed guidelines will continue at the October 1 CPDC meeting.

Both public hearings scheduled for the meeting, one from Meadowbrook Golf Club and one from Johnson Woods were continued until October 1 at the requests of the applicants. By a vote of 4-0, CPDC released a lot at 364 Lowell Street to Lyle Estates, being developed by Jameson Properties. CPDC also endorsed a land swap between 18 and 23 Family Circle. Mercier reminded the members that there will be a presentation regarding the Downtown Parking Survey at the October 17 economic development workshop.

New Meadowbrook Golf Club rendering

CPDC adjourned at 9:30 pm.

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