Local Birder to Share Presentation

On Monday, September 17 the Reading Public Library will host a presentation which is part of Dave’s Bird Reading, MA Big Year project that was started to celebrate 2018 as the Year of the Bird. This presentation will be held at the Reading Public Library at 7:00 pm. All are welcome.

Local birder Dave Williams will discuss the fascinating stories behind the migration of several birds we see commonly in Massachusetts. Questions Williams will answer will include, “Where will that Baltimore oriole that spent the summer in your backyard go in the winter? How about that osprey you saw on the Cape? Where will that tiny ruby‐throated hummingbird go that spent the summer in your yard feeding from your flowers? What about the sandpipers you saw along the shore this summer?”

Massachusetts provides many key resting places for long-distance migratory birds so that they can rest and refuel on their journey to their wintering grounds that may take them many thousands of miles to get there.  Williams will cover many of the techniques scientists use to track migratory birds including bird banding and new methods of modern technology, such as tiny satellite tracking devices, that allow researchers to discover more about the amazing journeys some of these birds undergo every year.

More information about this event may be found at readingpl.org.

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