Letter: Berman Supports Landry for State Representative

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“The road from a ‘good idea’ to workable and effective public policy is long and requires special skills to navigate. One must identify all stakeholders, listen and empathize with their positions, anticipate the unintended consequences of any action, and garner trust that you will act as an honest broker. In her role as a legislative attorney in the Senate, Anne has honed these skills. Her moral compass points in the direction of making government work for the least advantaged among us. As a member of the Reading Select Board, I am keenly invested in having a state rep understand and lead the fight for cities and towns to get more from Beacon Hill. Having served on the Reading Finance Committee, I know Anne ‘gets it.’ Reading and Woburn would be lucky to have her in the legislature.

Please join me in supporting Anne Landry for state Rep in the Middlesex 30th

Barry Berman
54 Longview Rd

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