School Committee Recognizes Milestones

At six o’clock on Tuesday, June 18 in the Reading Memorial High School Library, the School Committee recognized the teachers and staff in the Reading Public Schools who have reached significant milestones this year. Chair Chuck Robinson described the annual event as “one of his favorite moments of the year.” Each milestone was recognized by either the building principal or a designee. If present, the staff member came forward and received a pin or certificate. The staff recognized for ten years of service were:

Birch Meadow School

  • Elisabeth Connery
  • Margaret Costello
  • Jan Rhein
  • Mary Beth Thomas

Coolidge Middle School

  • Michael Bernard
  • Kelsey Finigan
  • Margaret Guilbert
  • Mary Beth Heatherton
  • Christian Huizenga
  • Joshua Eaton Elementary School
  • Jessica Cornetta
  • Amy Greco
  • Elizabeth Hurley

Killam Elementary School

  • Nina Balfe
  • Kristine Chuha
  • Christen Pegoraro
  • Parker Middle School
  • Brian James
  • Julie Merrill
  • James Walsh

Pupil Services

  • Kelly Dicato

Reading Memorial High School

  • Jennifer Keany


  • Maureen Deligianidis
  • Susan O’Leary

Food Services

  • Diane Feely
  • Muriel Hall
  • Suzanne Joos
  • Nancy Learned
  • Laura O’Brien

Staff recognized for twenty years of service were:

Birch Meadow Elementary School

  • Debra Kwiatek
  • Maria Simon

Joshua Eaton Elementary School

  • Susan Libby

Parker Middle School

  • Brigid Rodin

Reading Memorial High School

  • Amy Dyment
  • Illeana Napoli
  • Paula Von Euw

Central Office

  • Lori Miller


  • Robert Halloran
  • Joseph Lavita

Food Service

  • Geraldine Donohue
  • Michelle McCarthy
  • Hillary McCarthy

Wood End Elementary School

  • Jane Roberts

Staff Recognized for thirty years of service were:

Joshua Eaton Elementary School

  • Jill Mayberry

Reading Memorial High School

  • Robert Mooney

Kristen Killian from Reading Memorial High School was recognized for thirty-five years of service as well.

Teachers who have achieved Professional Teacher Status were:

Barrows Elementary School

  • Julie Gilchrist
  • Bethany Granoth
  • Andrew Herlihy

Birch Meadow Elementary School

  • Keriann Zahoruiko
  • Leica Turner

Coolidge Middle School

  • Daniel Cody
  • Eric Castriano
  • Janelle Chiuve
  • Nikole Pendleton
  • Anna Wentlent

Joshua Eaton Elementary School

  • Brittany Conant
  • Adam Derosier
  • Sandra Emery
  • Kelley Hardiman

Parker Middle School

  • Kimberly Bernazzani
  • Alison Sanchez
  • Kimberly Moreau
  • Nicholas Trapani
  • Jessica Dougherty

Reading Memorial High School

  • Bristol Leiper
  • Christina Clawson
  • Andrew Murphy
  • Colleen Griffin-Roland
  • Megan Howie
  • Alexandra Lynch-DiSorbo

RISE at Wood End Elementary School

  • Mary Sage

Wood End Elementary School

  • Christopher Bauer
  • Lisa Breed

The committee also thanked the five teachers and staff who are retiring this year: Maricia Grant and Margaret Guilbert from Coolidge Middle School, Maureen Lynch, and Jill Mayberry from Joshua Eaton Elementary School, and Deborah Leahy from Wood End Elementary School. Robinson offered, “Congratulations. You’ve earned it.” Each retiree received a small gift from the committee.

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