Town Meeting to Begin on April 23

Reading’s Annual Town Meeting is set to begin on Monday, April 23 at 7:30pm. Town Moderator Alan Foulds expects to begin the meeting with a few reports, then move right into the warrant articles. There are eighteen articles on the warrant, including zoning bylaw changes, the Fiscal Year 2019 municipal and school department budgets, and renaming the Board of Selectmen to a more gender-neutral term. Town Manager Robert LeLachuer told the Board of Selectmen at their April 17 meeting that he expects Town Meeting to last “at least two, maybe three nights.” The second night of Town Meeting will be on Thursday, April 26. A third night, if needed, would be on Monday, April 30.

File Photo – Town Meeting 2017

Foulds indicated that the annual State of the Town Address will be given by Board of Selectmen Acting Chair Barry Berman at the beginning of the Thursday session, then the meeting will continue on the warrant articles. Foulds expects the budget to be discussed on Thursday evening. The Finance Committee voted to recommend a revised budget on April 11 in response to the successful Proposition 2 ½ override vote on April 3.

“The [Town Meeting] members can be passionate,” Foulds commented, “but, contrary to the turmoil in the greater political world, townspeople remember that despite their differences they always leave the meeting as friends, as neighbors.”

Annual Town Meeting Preview

Article 1 Local Election – Completed April 3rd

Article 2 Reports 

  • State of the Town – Acting Selectmen Chair Barry Berman
  • Financial Update – Fincom Chair Peter Lydecker
  • Updates on Instructional Motions
  • RMLD Payment to Town of Reading
  • Gender Neutral Language in Bylaws & Charter

Article 3 Instructions Last night of Town Meeting

Article 4 Amend the Capital Improvement Program FY18 Budget

Article 5 Amend the FY18 Budget

Article 6 Approve Payment of Prior Year’s Bills

Article 7 Declare Surplus Materials

Article 8 Appropriate Funds into OPEB Irrevocable Trust

Article 9 Amend General Bylaw 6.6.2 Inspection Revolving Fund

Article 10 Amend General Bylaw 6.6.4 Library Materials Replacement Revolving Fund

Article 11 Approve Revolving Funds

Article 12 Approve Affordable Housing Trust Fund Allocation Plan

Article 13 Authorize Procurement for Digital Curriculum For Term Greater Than 3 Years

Article 14 Amend General Bylaws – Rename Board of Selectmen

Article 15 Amend Zoning Bylaw 6.0 Intensity Regulations

Article 16 Authorize FY19 Chapter 90 Expenditures

Article 17 Adopt FY19 Budget

Article 18 Remove Town Meeting Members

Every session of Town Meeting will be covered live on RCTV channel 9 (Comcast) or 31 (Verizon).

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