Letter: Vanessa Alvarado for Selectmen

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Vanessa Alvarado is the right person to elect to the Board of Selectmen in next Tuesday’s election. Quite simply, the reason is that she is a marketing professional. Reading needs new development to occur where businesses will be attracted to the many virtues the town has to offer. Vanessa has the experience to build the value proposition and supporting detail we need to help sell prospective businesses looking for a new town to call headquarters.

Additionally, Vanessa is an inclusive leader who listens to every side of an argument, has young children who are being taught in the town’s excellent schools, and she is committed to finding solutions to help seniors afford to stay in town.

My vote is for Vanessa Alvarado next Tuesday. Please join me to elect someone with just the right experience and background we need today.

Stephen Dion
120 Summer Ave.

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