Letter: Resident Voting Arena for Selectman on April 3rd

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I feel that John Arena deserves to continue his work on the Board of Selectmen.  I met John many years ago when he was coaching my son’s summer soccer team, and I recently met him again at a Meet and Greet.  John was exactly as I remembered him, a kind friendly man. I am glad that John decided to get involved in town government after he spent his time working and supporting his children’s sports endeavors. I also watch the Board of Selectmen’s meetings and I find that John is intelligent, knowledgeable, patient, considerate, kind, and respectful.  He keeps the meetings moving along while allowing everyone to express their opinion.  I believe that John espouses my belief that we can agree to disagree without being disagreeable.  I find that national politics have become nasty and contentious; unfortunately, I have watched too many Board of Selectmen’s meetings where this has been the case and where John has had to ask people to be respectful.

I know John listens to people, and I hope that people understand that if someone disagrees with you, their opinion is valid and should be respected.  Reading is fortunate to have John as a Selectman.  He supports the Senior Citizen Tax Relief, advocates for new business growth, and is in favor of a Building Committee, which will hopefully prevent the cost overruns that have happened at the new high school and the new library.  I believe that John loves the Town of Reading as much as I do, and I plan on voting for John Arena on April 3rd.   I hope you will too!

Anne Rand
Woburn Street

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