Letter: VandenAkker for School Committee Endorsement

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Let’s Elect School Committee appointee, Sherri VandenAkker to the School Committee!

Sherri VandenAkker is an Educator. Educators must be Learners who Listen. And the most engaging Educators are adept at presenting their vested interest: their subject. She is a skilled discerning listener and collaborative group member.

As a parent, tax-payer and Reading teacher, I have watched many School Committee meetings. Asking questions and listening to all responses may be their most critical function. Each member has a ‘style’-Sherri takes an open, curious and widely empathic approach before determining a position. Her comments and questions are clear and specific. Her participation and decisions evidence a steady confidence in securing purposeful, positive outcomes. We look to School committee members to be leaders. This robust election demonstrates Reading’s need and desire for leadership as a continuing valued school district.

Sherri has been a presenter at the celebrated Blue Ribbon Conference held annually in Reading, drawing attendees from around the country and all Reading teachers. Several years ago, I attended her session; one of her points was that effective teaching, whether to K-12 or adults, relates to scaffolding on their practical interests and hands-on experiences with a purpose. It was the best workshop I attended that day; I did not know that she was a Reading resident. Sherri’s clarity and expression of thinking is fully engaging. Her approach demonstrates cognition of how an individual or group discerns/understands; that is, the process of thinking through circumstances.

Vote for an Educator-Vote for Sherri VandenAkker. I am.


Jeanne Thomases
Arlington Street

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