Letter: 45-Year Resident Voting for John Arena

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Dear Editor:

Issue: Voting Tuesday April 3

My History: After taking a 30 year hiatus to raise a family, run a business and pay a mortgage (all I could handle) in 2017 I shifted my focus to once again being aware of and getting involved in the politics of our community. I realized I had lost touch with who was who and what the goals for our town had become. I’ve spent my time since then learning. 

My Introduction to John Arena: For the past year and a half I have attended most Selectmen meetings as well as other committee meetings. As chairman, John Arena, in an attempt to address my concerns, asked me at one particular meeting why I was there. I told him I was just observing. In the following months I asked each board member for time to sit and talk. John Arena was more than willing to take that time with me. I met a courteous gentleman that listened to me, respected my thoughts and was willing to help me understand the complex nature of most issues. 

My Goal: I never again wanted to go to the polls without knowing exactly why I was casting a particular vote. I wanted to match a name with a face, a personality, a temperament and to understand the individual’s personal values and their goals for the town. I wanted to see who played well together in the sandbox, a natural observation after providing child care for 30+ years.

John Arena has demonstrated his love of service and commitment to Reading in so many ways. He was instrumental in bringing the Senior Property Tax Relief Program to fruition (the vote was 3-2 as recorded in the minutes). As an advocate for this program I was proud to see three Selectmen support residents that have invested a lifetime to the care and well-being of Reading. 

John has presented town government information in numerous formats, outlines, and interviews in order to help us understand just how our system works, all the while doing so in a respectful, patient manner. I have witnessed his ability to navigate stressful situations while maintaining a professional, dignified composure. And if you give him the opportunity he will even share a delightful, humorous side of his personality. 

John is a creative thinker and a doer. It is joyful to watch how he takes communication and brainstorming and transforms that into feasible action, all the while remaining humble. He sees the big picture. Using the MAPC study for growth and development as a guide, John has the vision to see Reading’s potential for development within the constraints of our community. I’ve watched him work with all concerned parties to reach the most amicable results possible.  

I have had the privilege of meeting John’s family. They are a true testament to the love, care and support of John’s investment in and dedication toward our community. Thank you all for sharing him with us.

I look forward to John Arena serving a third term as Town Selectman. Please join me on TUESDAY 3 APRIL in voting JOHN ARENA FOR SELECTMAN.

Your neighbor,

Barbara Melanson
Haverhill Street

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