Letter: What Separates John Arena: Knowledge, Experience, and Proven Leadership

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Dear Reading Residents,

On April 3rd we go to the RMHS field house to determine candidates for our local offices and the override ballot question.

What separates the candidates for the Board of Selectmen? The difference is that John Arena has more knowledge, experience, and proven leadership. He doesn’t just talk about transparency and clarity. He practices them. This is evident through a myriad of specific examples: John was instrumental in advocating for and passing the Circuit Breaker senior tax credit (we’re one of only 3 communities in the state to offer this!). He actively pursues ways to generate revenue in town and alleviate taxpayer burden through the Walkers Brook Drive initiatives, the RMLD project, and the possible shared DPW site. He understands the difference between commercial and residential tax rates and supports small business owners in Reading. These action items also demonstrate his ability to look ahead—not for the immediate future—but for Reading’s lasting future.

Beyond his leadership and experience, John forged relationships in our community during his past term that have laid the groundwork for productive and collaborative dialogue. With the recent Eaton/Lakeview development, neighbors have shared how responsive John is in listening to resident concerns. When survey results spoke of muddled understandings of the town’s budget, in concert with the Town Manager John was influential in making the budget process more clear to residents.

Leadership transcends words on glossy brochures or social media campaign catchphrases. It is dialogue, action, and experience—all of which John has and so selflessly commits to this town by running for re-election. If there’s anyone who can help us navigate Reading’s future on April 4th and beyond, it is John Arena. There’s no catch-up time or training period for him. He has a comprehensive understanding of this town and will continue to listen, engage, and create more opportunities for dialogue.

Lastly, as John states and continually practices: There is no Democratic or Republican way to pave roads. John himself is unenrolled—he does not answer to party politics or national agendas. He answers only to residents because of his deep love for everyone in our community. On Tuesday, April 3rd, please join me and many others in voting for John Arena so that he can continue to listen, engage, and lead Reading forward.

Lisa Litterio

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