Letter: A Smart Economic Investment in our Futures

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My wife and I moved to Reading with our young daughter 13 years ago and added another daughter along the way. I can honestly say that I love this town and there is no place in Massachusetts that I’d rather live. Although I am a fiscal conservative, I will be voting “Yes” on April 3rd because I believe our town, like in the early 2000’s, is in desperate need of an override to support our police department, fire department and schools.

As recent events in Florida and our neighboring communities have shown, we need, more than ever, fully staffed police and fire departments. I hope that we never experience an event that makes us realize that our police and fire departments are understaffed.

I am also in favor of strengthening our schools, not just maintaining the status quo. Reading must continue to be a town of choice for new families, whose tax base supports our services and maintains the value of our property. For most of us, our homes are the greatest asset we will ever have. While prospective home buyers will consider a town’s safety and its proximity to public transportation, they will generally choose a town based on the following: schools, schools, and, finally, schools.

While the tax increase will be felt by all of us, I believe that passage of this override is not only necessary for our great town, but a smart economic investment in our futures.


Brad Grimm
156 Prospect Street

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