Sharing Our Thanks Giving

Imagine yourself, your family, people for whom you care deeply, losing their homes, all of their most precious possessions. Imagine many of them still living without power. Now shift your perspective. You live in an area relatively free of hurricane devastation. You are safe, with your family around you. And, you are caring. You have much for which to be thank-full, and are eager to help.

This coming Saturday evening is an opportunity to do that – to help out those in need, AND to do it around a Thanks-giving spread. The entire community is invited to come. Join us on the lower level of the Reading Congregational Church, corner of Sanborn and Woburn Streets at 6 pm on Saturday November 4. Find your friends and neighbors there, or make new friends as you enjoy a full Thanksgiving meal. A free will offering will be received and passed on to Habitat for Humanity as they help hurricane victims rebuild.

Make your reservations here: Please invite your friends and neighbors.

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