Override Survey Now Online

The Board of Selectmen has issued a fact finding survey in order to collect information to help it potentially draft a ballot question calling for a Proposition 2 ½ override in the local election next April. The survey comes after last year’s override ballot question failed at the polls. “The board felt strongly that it needed to better understand citizen sentiments more efficiently to plan any subsequent override question.” Chair John Arena commented. Over 6,800 voters participated in last year’s override election. Members of the board expressed hope that at least ten percent of that number, or 680, will take the five minutes and fill out the surveys. “We want to understand citizen views of the failed 2016 Override Ballot Question, and to future overrides more generally.  Our evening Information sessions were not reaching a broad enough demographic, so the board elected to use online survey questions to help collect information more effectively.” Arena continued.

A link to the survey can be found on the Town’s website and social media pages. Paper copies will also be made available at the Reading Memorial Library, Pleasant Street Center and Town Hall. The Board encourages all Reading residents and voters to take the survey and let their voices be heard.


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