Voters also deserve the right to decide

Dear Editor

I am writing in response the letter submitted by William Brown regarding a potential override vote. No one is arguing the result of the October 18 override in which the town by a wide margin opposed a $7.5M override request. Now that the FY 18 budget discussions have begun in earnest, and the specific cuts in services have been identified, the Selectmen are contemplating bringing back an override question in the Spring. 

While no firm decisions have been made, if an override is called for it will be significantly smaller in magnitude than the October ask (by a matter of half), and will targeted to restore specific cuts in public safety and education that residents have asked us to save. Mr. Brown would have a valid point if we brought a $7.5M override back in April. That’s not the case. This will be a different question, one in which voters also deserve the right to decide.


Barry C. Berman
Member Board of Selectmen
54 Longview Road

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