Democracy at work?

In the fall of 2016, the Reading Board of Selectmen posted a special election ( at a cost of $6 – 7 thousand) to ask the voters of Reading to approve a $7.5 million override of proposition 2 ½.

Approximately 37 percent of the registered voters went to poles and by a 60 to 40 margin they said no. That 37 percent represents a very large turnout for a local election where the average turnout has 10 to 15 percent In my 50-plus years experience in local politics.

It now appears that the Board of Selectmen and others did not understand the word no and may propose another override question to be put on a ballot this spring or in the fall.

As defined in the dictionary the word “democracy” means “government by the people by the rule of the majority.” The people said no. Listen to them.

I urge each and every voter who voted no to call or email the members of the Board of Selectmen to let them know how you feel – or better yet attend a meeting and under public comment tell them no.

William C. Brown 28 Martin Rd

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