Nicholas Boivin Joins the School Committee

On Tuesday evening (11/29) the Board of Selectmen and School Committee met in joint session to fill a vacancy on the School Committee, created with the recent resignation of Julie Joyce.  Five candidates were interviewed for the position, and in the words of Chairman Halsey, he would have been comfortable with any of them taking the role.  He even joked that if he could he would vote to put all on the board.  In the end, though, the joint committees chose Boivin, who has been active in the Cub Scouts, and manages a multi-million dollar budget in the private sector.  Boivin says we need to determine “what facilitates learning?”  He would like to see more engagement from the taxpayers, and he would like to reach out to the library to tap their expertise. Nicholas Boivin takes office immediately and serves until the next town election, in April.  Other candidates who applied were Erin Calvo-Bacci, Michael Moresco, Jeannette Quiles-Viorito, and Sherri Vanden Akker.

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