RMHS High Fives – Richards & Laskey

dscf1006LAURA RICHARDS Class of ‘17

Laura Richards is recognized for outstanding contributions to RMHS and the Reading community. Here at school, Laura is an engaged and invested student who performs well across an array of challenging courses in our curriculum. Additionally, she is a member of the RMHS book club, and she plays trumpet in our marching band and jazz band. Just yesterday, Laura celebrated the completion of her Girl Scout Gold Award project, an ambitious undertaking that stands as a truly remarkable work of scholarship. Starting in 2015, Laura began researching the life of Joshua Eaton, the only soldier from Reading to die during the Revolutionary War and, of course, the man for whom one of our elementary schools is named. Her goal was to write a book that would educate current and future Reading residents about the man behind the name. After extensive reading, interviews, consultations with adult advisors, travels to historic sites, and multiple drafts, Laura completed her book: Sergeant Joshua Eaton, Jr. She presented her book at a special assembly for students at the Joshua Eaton School yesterday afternoon. Several hundred students and community members gathered to learn about Joshua Eaton and the work that went into producing this remarkable record of our town’s history. At this time, Laura is undecided about her exact plans for next year, but she looks forward to attending college and pursuing a degree in the liberal arts.


dscf1001Patrick Laskey is a dedicated and loyal member of the RMHS class of 2017. In so many ways, Patrick is an outstanding model of the RMHS core values of respect, responsibility, and perseverance. Patrick is a valued and essential member of our football, basket-ball, and baseball programs: his commitment to the daily operation of these programs is a big part of what has made all of them very successful. Some of Patrick’s best high school memories have come from his time in the athletic program, particularly being a part of the football team that made the state championship game at Gillette Stadium in his junior year. Beyond his contributions to the athletic department, Patrick is also a positive contributor to the school and community. In school, he is quick to offer a friendly or kind word to a classmate or teacher. Patrick is grateful to all of his teachers and friends, and cites Mr. Blanchard’s History 11 class as the best class he’s taken at RMHS. Out of school, Patrick has been a volunteer coach in the Special Olympics flag football program for several years, and he volunteered his time to help Mrs. O’Rourke with several projects around the school this past summer. With all he has learned from the classrooms and athletic programs as RMHS, Patrick is looking forward to all that the future holds.

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