CPDC Recommends Bylaw Changes

cpdc150809The Community Planning and Development Commission voted to recommend several items to Town Meeting at their August 8th meeting. The commission voted 3-0 to endorse amendments to the Industrial or Business Districts bylaw, which would allow pet grooming businesses to operate in those districts. CPDC also voted to recommend adding Special Home Occupation to allowed uses in Residential Districts. After some discussion, the commission also recommended some minor changes to the bylaw regarding accessory structures and accessory apartments. All proposed amendments will be added to the warrant for the Subsequent Town Meeting starting November 14th.

The meeting also featured lengthy discussions about changing Reading’s sign bylaws to reflect recent federal Supreme Court rulings that stipulate municipalities are no longer allowed to regulate signs based on content. “If you have to read a sign to regulate it, then the regulation is illegal,” Town Council Raymond Miyares explained. Concerns were expressed that the wording of the bylaw and the charts provided be consistent.  Since the warrant for Town Meeting closes on September 27th, the members felt they had time to fully examine the language of the proposed changes. The commission will continue this discussion at its next meeting on August 22nd.

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