“Getting the Scoop” from Dandilyons Ice Cream

Although the summer may be winding down to its last month, there is still plenty of sunshine left to grab a few scoops of ice cream. As one of Reading’s most beloved ice cream shops, Dandilyons has been consistently serving lines of customers, all of whom are eager to get their favorites from an impressive selection of forty flavors. Ice cream scooper Nick Caraco, discusses what makes Dandilyons such an enjoyable ice cream experience for everyone.


Dandilyons Ice Cream 1331 Main Street

When is the store the busiest? Is there a particular time of day?


“Dandilyons is definitely the most active around the summer, given the heat. It’s a nice way to cool down. We’re busiest at night from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM, but during the school year we see a lot of kids come here right after school.”

What specials do you have over the summer?

“We have our S’Mores Sundae, which is made from layers of graham crackers, chocolate, and ice cream. We also have frozen dipped bananas, which are popular. All year we have fresh chocolate chip cookies which is part of our homemade novelties.”

Is it ever difficult to work in an ice cream store?

“I’d say it would only be difficult if one has to work alone. We have such a great team at Dandilyons, everyone does their part to make sure things run smoothly.”

IMG_0026How does one prepare for the average day’s work at Dandilyons?

“We get ready for the day at 11:30 AM, turning the machines on and putting the ice cream scoops in. Throughout the day we clean and refill, being especially busy at 5:00 PM. We have the most amount of work at nighttime so we have to be ready.”

What is the best thing about working at Dandilyons?

“For me, the best thing is seeing all of the people. It’s great to see the regular customers come because we know what they’ll get. It’s good to talk with customers and make memories with them. Overall it’s great to meet new people.”

And now the most important question: What is the most popular flavor of ice cream at Dandilyons?

“I’d have to say cookie dough. My personal favorite is chocolate chip, which is a bit basic, but definitely the best.”

IMG_0023Dandilyons Ice Cream is a family owned business that has been in Reading for three decades. Since 2012, it has been under the ownership of the Maselli family. Dandilyons also sells flowers and Christmas trees during the winter. The store is located on 1331 Main Street, open from Monday to Sunday from noon to 10:00 PM. There is a parking lot and benches located nearby for customers. Contact Dandilyons at 781-942-2049, check out their website, or visit their various social media accounts Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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