Noticed in High Places

The Reading Post reached an important milestone as this new online media outlet was mentioned at the Board of Selectmen’s July 12 meeting.  The subject came up casually during an interlude between weightier subjects.  Several people pointed out that management of the Post remains a mystery, but the reaction to its news coverage by those at the meeting was quite positive.  Town Manager Bob Lelacheur commented that he began reading the Post about a week ago.  He said “It has a lot of information – a lot of stuff out there.”  He pointed out that he “read the summary of the finance committee meeting a week ago.  It was right on point and not something  that would have been obvious to someone who didn’t know about what was being discussed.”  Selectman Barry Berman added “It’s actually well written.”  The town manager then called up the Post website on his computer to show it to those in attendance as said, “Whoever is doing it is doing a nice job.”  Not knowing for sure who was reporting for the Post, Lelacheur joked “Make sure you put in that I said nice things.”

The Reading Post is a new publication being built by a small and dedicated group of Reading residents and community members. Our publication is in the early stages of its initial rollout and we’re still developing our editorial and staffing requirements.

As we expand our news gathering apparatus we’ll be introducing ourselves to the community, as well as inviting contributions, to foster a complete and diverse representation of Reading as a whole.  Please use our contact page to send us your comments and we look forward to keeping you Posted.

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