Development director to host 40b discussion

In response to questions about the application for a Comprehensive Development Permit (commonly known as a 40B development) on Prescott Street in Reading, the community is invited to an information session on May 12 at 6:30 at the Pleasant Street Center in Reading.  The town’s Community Development Director, Julie Mercier will be giving a presentation explaining the process.  The presentation will provide an overview of Chapter 40B, with a specific focus on the Town’s role in the Comprehensive Permit. The presentation will be designed to explain the particulars of what the Town can and can’t regulate, the time limits on rendering a decision, and the ability to approve with conditions.

During the scheduled Zoning Board of Appeals meeting immediately following the presentation, the continued hearing on the Reading Village Prescott Street Comprehensive Permit will occur.  Both the presentation and the meeting to follow will be covered LIVE on RCTV channel 22 (Comcast), or 33 (Verizon).

For more information about this event contact Julie Mercier, Community Development Director at or 781-942-6648.

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