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The Style Lounge 175 Haven St, Reading, Massachusetts. Photos by Kenan Cooper

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Reading, MA — Seasoned hair stylist Kara Sennott opened The Style Lounge in May 2022 and is looking forward to her first-ever Shop The Block and engaging with the Reading community. She had worked at a Stoneham salon for 17 years before following her dreams for a salon of her own and has been growing since they opened their doors.

Sennott began looking into salon ownership in November 2021, and The Style Lounge’s current location opened itself up to Sennott. With the help of her husband Chris, the general contractor for the buildout, Sennott opened in May this year. Three of her coworkers from the Stoneham salon moved over with her to The Style Lounge and have contributed significantly to the growth of the business.

Kara Sennott, and Donna Simpson Co-Owners of The Style Lounge

A large portion of The Style Lounge’s clients come from Reading and Stoneham, but Sennott has had clients traveling to the salon from all over New England for their services. The Style Lounge is equipped with 14 stylist stations and two esthetic rooms. A medical esthetician works out of The Style Lounge every other weekend, but they regularly offer waxing and skincare services.

In addition to its regularly provided services, The Style Lounge has recently started its membership program, which comes with a variety of benefits. For $250 a year, members will receive priority booking, discounts on retail, seasonal packages, treatment packages, merchandise, and first all-access to promotions and events.

“We want to be able to inspire, create a change, make them feel happy and really good,” said Sennott. “I would love to get it fully staffed and create a team that’s really positive and able to inspire men and women in the way they look and feel their best.”

Sennott has worked hard to create a particular environment for herself, her employees, and clients by curating her own salon. After having been at a larger salon, Sennott knows how to create a space where her employees can feel comfortable and seen.

“I wanted to make [an environment] for stylists and estheticians to thrive in their business and feel comfortable in a modern space, and give the best luxury services to our guests and clients, and do the best that we can to make everybody feel comfortable,” said Sennott.

The Style Lounge continues to bring in staff and clients, and Sennott gives a lot of credit to her employees for building a welcoming environment. She works hard to be a productive owner, boss, and fellow stylist to maintain this relationship with her clients and staff.

“Sometimes you get a job, and your boss can be intimidating. I’m very real and understand mistakes can happen, and sometimes you just need somebody to talk to or just a mentor without feeling that intimidation, so I really like to be on their level.”

Sennott is enthusiastic about the growth she has seen in The Style Lounge within the last few months but is deeply connected to her roots. She credits her mother-in-law and business partner, Donna Simpson, as she believes it wouldn’t be possible without her to run the salon. Donna has believed in Sennott and her dream of salon ownership and brings an inspiring and uplifting energy to the space.

Currently residing in Tewksbury with her husband Chris, who has always been in her corner, and their two daughters, Olivia and Mackenzie, Sennott is excited to contribute to the greater community with her salon in Reading and the multitude of events offered by the community.

“I call it the Hallmark town … our street, especially Haven Street, is a Hallmark Street! Everybody is always walking around, there’s a lot of foot traffic, and we have our dog bowls. I love working at my station and see the dogs come by to drink from the water bowls,” said Sennott. “It’s just a really nice community.”

This Thursday will be The Style Lounge and Sennott’s first Shop the Block, and she is even hoping to get some time to sneak out and see other businesses. The Style Lounge will offer discounts on retail products and carry lines such as Goldwell, R+Co., and Image Skincare. 

Holiday bundles will be promoted for discounted prices, stocking stuffers, and promotions on service packages and discounts with their esthetician and medical esthetician. The Style Lounge will also be hosting its own clients who have small businesses as a platform for them to sell their products.

“We would love for everybody to come in, check us out, introduce themselves; and we can’t wait to meet everybody and are so happy to be part of the community.”

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